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Sunshine Soul Crypto

After much consideration and public demand, a decision was made lon 3/3/21 by our founders to begin accepting cryptocurrency as payment!

Simply shop as you normally would, but once you get to your payment options you’ll notice the ability to use other payment methods, as well as CoinPayments to complete your purchase. Does this all sound like computer wizardry? No problem! Our how-to guide will assist those unfamiliar with using cryptocurrencies to pay for purchases! 

Let's get started...

The first step is to get set up with a crypto wallet. CoinPayments offers a free multi-coin wallet, letting you explore over 2,000 cryptocurrencies through one app. You'll just need to go to www.coinpayments.net and in a few steps, you’ll be set up with a CoinPayments wallet. There are other wallets on the market as well such as Coinbase, Exodus, or directly from your exchange! Do your own due diligence and find which one is right for you. *Many exchanges require ID verification before you are able to buy most cryptocurrencies in accordance with KYC.

Once you have your desired coins or if you already have a wallet, coins, and are ready to purchase proceed back to check out. Select "Use Another Method" and choose "CoinPayments". After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to CoinPayments.net Crypto Payments to complete your purchase securely (shown below). 

Crypto Checkout

And that's it! We are currently accepting: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DOGEcoin, and GUAP Coin and looking to add others soon!

Please reach out to admin@sunshinesoulllc.com if you have any recommendations, comments, questions, or concerns!

Thank you!